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HALO Technologies
HALO helps support the body in regulating the immune system. Through this light therapy, you can promote longevity and general wellness.
Firefly Light Therapy
Reduce inflammation, pain, and cognitive decline with the most advanced technology in the medical industry with Firefly Light Therapy.
Gary's Vitamin Closet
Gary’s Vitamin Closet is the premier supplier of 100% natural health products developed by one of America’s leading authorities on healthy living, Dr. Gary Null.
Sunriver Botanicals
Improve your quality of life with the premier wellness products offered by Sunriver Botanicals.
Reliable Results

Our services are refined and tested, and provide you with the most modern advancements research has to offer.

Natural Healing
No injections, no surgeries, and no nonsense. We’re here to provide you the best natural healing possible.
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Helping your body do what it does best

A few years ago, I set out on a mission to provide quality health care to all those who need it. I’ve seen people prescribed all these different types of pills and medications to no avail. At Total Health Scan, we help your body do what it already knows: what it does best. Our all natural remedies have been researched and tested, and are designed to help you find relief, comfort, and healing.